Max Kazemzadeh's 2003-2004 ArtWorks
(Prices Given On Request)

“Brains and Brawn (Lisa and George)”

24" x 32" each

paper, graphite, wood, headphones, 2 cd player
s, 2 cds, clips

Exhibited at Methods Artshow in Denton, Feb. 2004
In this series, called "Dial-logs," sound and image are crossed through a file conversion process to explore relational patterns of digital identity. Mouse and Man (Mickey and Arnold) takes the image of Mickey Mouse and Arnold Swartzenaegger and converts them to individual sound files. And conversely, the digitally recorded words "Mickey" and "Arnold" are converted from two sound files to two separate images. Those images are projected over sillohuettes of the iconic figures where drawings are made using only those digitally converted sound file artifacts that overlap the drawn contour of the figure. Clear audible relationships can be made from the sound to its respective image.