Max Kazemzadeh's 2003-2004 ArtWorks
(Prices Given On Request)

“Handkerchief 4 (to the fourth power)” -

9' x 6' x 5'
overhead projector, handkerchief, fan, digital voice recorder, marker, transparency print, tacks

Exhibited at The El Centro College Gallery, Dallas, TX Sept. 27 - Oct. 23 2004
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Upcoming exhibition at El Centro College Gallery Dallas, TX - "On-Site"
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Handkerchief 4 (to the fourth power) is a whimsical display of digital translation. The piece represents the common everyday handkerchief in four formats. One handkerchief is real, the second is a digital photograph, the third is the digital image converted to a wave (.wav) sound file, and the fourth is the word "handkerchief" converted to a bitmap (.bmp) image file.
The digital visualization formats are presented on an overhead projector transparency. The quirky digitized sound is played on a keychain sized digital voice recorder with the rerecord option disabled. Writing on the transparency playfully defines steps in the process. A fan facing upwards sits on the floor and blows the handkerchief, which is serving as a screen for the converted sound file to project on.