Max Kazemzadeh's 2003-2004 ArtWorks
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“Alieh Kazemzadeh (Grandmother)”

variable dimensions (projection or screen)

Exhibited in "Curious Comforts" solo exhibition, Studio 107 Gallery, Austin, TX, June-Aug. 2004
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The "Persians" series are video portraits of the artist's family and friends that have a full or part Persian/Iranian background and presently lives in the United States. In each portrait the subjects tell their life story which includes their Iranian upbringing and how that relates to their American life. They speak of accomplishments, ideals, goals, and identity for approximately 15 minutes each. The video on the left depicts the subject in their everyday setting, with objects that help to identify them today. The artist is American born with a Persian father and an American mother. Each of these individual portraits come together to build a portrait of the artist.