Max Kazemzadeh's 2003-2004 ArtWorks
(Prices Given On Request)

“Proof of Iranian Life (Zendegi)” -

65" x 42"

inkject print, wood frame2, glass

Exhibited in "Curious Comforts" solo exhibition, Studio 107 Gallery, Austin, TX, June-Aug. 2004
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In the Persian/American series photographs, objects, scenes, and tools specific to the American landscape reference objects, scenes, and tools specific to the Persian/Iranian culture and landscape. The work deals with cross-cultural perception, where the American born Persian/American artist (residing in America) sees things in one context that remind him of a different cultural world, one that is suppressed or missing from his present environment, but that lives within the memories of his immigrant family members.
The photographs are presented to strategically disguise the content from its context. These images in fact were selected because of their duality, or their ability to coexist as a depiction of a western and eastern scene. A story specific to the content in each photograph and told by one of the artist's family members are presented below each image.