Max Kazemzadeh's 2003-2004 ArtWorks
(Prices Given On Request)

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installation dimensions vary - projection approx. 9' x 7'
speakers, computer, projector, 2 tables, microphones, seat, plastic bag, stovetop timer, wiring, plastic bags, air spray, beans, plastic boxes, can, clips, tambourine, drum splash, and a few other things.
PULSE is a 15 minute real-time sound and visual synthesis performance that uses a custom built computer interface to generate and manipulate audile frequency, pulse, and sound index variations. These sound characteristics are projected onto a screen as graphed visual waveforms which are updated every .02 seconds. Plastic bags, paper clips, a tuning fork, and other found objects are used to alter the digital reverberations in "real" space as well as to mimic the digitally generated output. [The show is 15 minutes in length and is timed by a ampllified stove-top timer. I move around to get different everyday objects like (plastic bags, tin can, office supplies, a drum splash, beans, a tamborine, etc.) that I then set on, cover, apply to the speaker system to the alter, mimic and amplify the sounds generated from the system.]