Max Kazemzadeh's 2003-2004 ArtWorks
(Prices Given On Request)

“Stripmall Construction Site (McKinney, Texas - 2004)” -

5' x 4' x 3.5'
inkjet print, frame, glass, tripod, spy tv, wires, VCR, VHS tape, subwoofer, speakers

Exhibited in "Curious Comforts" solo exhibition, Studio 107 Gallery, Austin, TX
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In this piece, news media authenticity is called into question by the display of contradiction. A framed poster of what seems to be an enlarged New York Times headline that reads "Satellites Discover Terrorist Compound In Iraq" displays above a video (playing on fast forward) taken one late afternoon/evening of a stripmall construction site in McKinney, Texas. The usually hidden, raw, stripmall architecture, that is devoid of any branding signage or bright colored consumer-directed paint design, becomes a conceptual canvas, vulnerable, capable of being infused with new meaning, altered from its context as an American scene. The speakers play
amplified white noise, or the residue of the deletion of all discernable sound from a VHS tape.